Camille Newby

Camille Newby qualified as a Dietitian in 2004 with a BSc in Nutritional Sciences from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She started work as a Dietitian at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in 2006 as a general adult Dietitan. In 2007 she had the opportunity to start her career in Paediatric Dietetics at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC) and continues to work there. Whilst at the BRHC Camille has been working in the areas of inherited metabolic disease and ketogenic diet where part of her clinical caseload has been working with children diagnosed with pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency. In 2014 Camille obtained her Masters in Paediatric Dietetics from with the University of Plymouth concentration on the ketogenic diet and inherited metabolic disease. In January 2015 Camille was appointed as the South West Regional Dietetic lead for inherited metabolic diseases.


Prof. Shamima

Professor Shamima Rahman is Professor of Paediatric Metabolic Medicine at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health (ICH), and also works as a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, where she sees children affected by pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency and other mitochondrial diseases. She trained in Medicine at Oxford University, and in Paediatrics at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Bristol; Great Ormond Street Hospital, London; and the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals.

Professor Rahman established the Mitochondrial Research Group at ICH in 2000. The aims of the ICH Mitochondrial Research Group are to improve the experiences of children affected by mitochondrial diseases by enhancing the accuracy and speed of the diagnostic process, and by developing novel therapies for these currently incurable disorders. The group is working on a range of treatments in the laboratory, including testing small molecules and gene therapy.

Professor Rahman runs the Mitochondrial subnetwork of the European Metabolic Reference Network MetabERN, is an Editor of the Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, and has been a member of the Education and Training Advisory Committee of the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism since 2008.


Germaine Pierre

Germaine Pierre MBBS, MRCPCH, MSc, Hons is a paediatric consultant in inherited metabolic disorders and began working at the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust in August 2009 where she established the South West regional service for paediatric metabolic patients. Her interests are the diagnosis, care and management of metabolic patients including neurometabolic disorders like mitochondrial and PDH deficiency. She has been the principal investigator in several trials and has published as both the primary author and co-author. She regularly teaches and presents on the recognition, diagnosis and management of metabolic patients.